Friday, February 27, 2009

And No One Is Happy

This has been floating around a bit, but made me laugh -- and quiver at how true.

"Everything is amazing right now, and no one is happy."

Found it first at Provocative Christian. The comedian being interviewed by Conan is Lewis C.K.

Just my thoughts,



M Christopher said...

Excellent!! And I'd never heard of this comedian. Maybe I should start watching more TV...



Anonymous said...

That's so funny - I just FWD that to friends yesterday! He also has a funny rant called "White People".

I just found a lot of the animated oscar shorts (sounds so silly!) on You Tube - and you can buy "On the Line" at itunes. Sorry this comment got astray and went to Oscar shorts - but oh well, that's what happens when I don't gets me my ko-rean drama. (5 DAYS and COUNTING!!!! :0 )

P.S. I hope you had a lovely house warming. I couldn't make it, but told Amy at church, if she could, to pass along my warm house thoughts!!