Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oscar Bites

For those who are still looking for Oscar themed foods, and want to avoid the obvious Indian food, Catherine has these Best Picture suggestions:

A hotdog with a pickle on top. (Bun, dog, a dill in there)

Iced reindeer venison. (Frosted Vixen)

Milkduds -- referring to the slow box office start of a certain nominee.

Alphabet soup. (Okay, an easy out for The Reader.)

Oh, and she wanted to serve stuffed olives, but realized that there would be no pit in there. And Pitt was the only thing good about Benjamin Button.

Clever girl, my wife. I wonder why she was too shy to post these herself?

Just my thoughts,


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Linds said...

Hooray! So glad you convinced her to let you share! My favorite is iced venision. :)