Friday, February 20, 2009

And the Oscar Goes To...

My Oscar predictions:

BEST PICTURE: The award will go to THE DARK KNIGHT.

I know what you’re thinking: WALL-E is really the one to beat this year.

And WALL-E is deserving; any other year it would be a shoo-in.

But I still get caught up by them using the live action Fred Willard; it just didn’t work for me.

Whereas in DARK KNIGHT, just about everything worked. The ending was a bit rushed (ironic for a three hour movie), but from acting to technical achievement, screenplay (now here was a story ABOUT something!) to directing, THE DARK KNIGHT is this year’s Oscar…

Hold on a sec, I’m getting an IM from Jeffrey.

What? What do you mean “not nominated?” Is this a joke? Okay, okay…

Sorry about that. So it seems that the Best Picture Oscar goes to WALL-E after all.

Clearly in the running anyway, WALL-E deserves its award for many… Hold on.

Yeah, Jeff? All right, now I know you’re pulling my leg. Okay, what did get nominated? Seriously?... Yeah, Langella was good, but… I suppose we need one politically relevant movie every year, and this is the year of Prop 8, so I guess… What?!! But that movie took four hours and didn’t ever get around to saying anything!... okay, okay.

Again, sorry, I’m back.

The winner is SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. Partly for being a very good moive; mostly due to lack of competition in its category.

BEST DIRECTOR: Christopher Nolan. Without a doubt he… what? And Stanton? Arghh!

Oh, I give up.

Just my thoughts,



Linds said...

This is almost exactly the transcript of our last conversation with our film students about the Oscars. I'm most excited about the documentary category this year (a heavy field of great films!) than anything else.

The thing that really bugs me, though, is the films don't lend well to our Oscar party rule. We only have one: each guest must bring a food or drink related to a nominated movie. We've had ice cream and fried chicken for Little Miss Sunshine, milkshakes for There Will Be Blood, meat pies for Sweeney Todd... what on earth are we supposed to make this year? :)

Janet said...

@Linds -- Come on, this year is easy! (we do the same thing...) Indian food... Twinkies... Frosties....

@Sean -- "Lack of competition" is exactly right. And I totally agree about TDK and WALL-E...

Linds said...

Janet - thanks for the reminders! I hadn't put together the Twinkies and Frosties - good ideas. I just miss the whole 'whoa!' factor when my friend passed out the meat pies, or all the bad Daniel Plainview impressions over milkshakes... :)