Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Theology of Story Talk

I am speaking at Beacon, Bel Air Pres’ entertainment fellowship, this Sunday. This time on Storytelling.

The adverts say “The Theology of Storytelling” – but it is mostly my regular lecture on structure and story. It’s just that I pull so much of my creativity models from the guy that created everything, I guess it sounds a lot like a “theology of story” talk.

The group consists of all parts of the entertainment industry: actors, directors, editors, grips, etc.

Should be an interesting time.

Can you tell I’m nervous about it?

If you are free, come and check it out. I like to be heckled by friends.

Here's the advert:

Sunday, February 22, 12:15–2 p.m., Room DC103. Bel Air’s ministry to entertainment professionals. Join us as we discuss The Theology of Storytelling with guest Sean Gaffney. Lunch: $5.

Just my thoughts,



M Christopher said...

Go get 'em, pal. Wish I could be there to hear it. Sounds like good stuff..


Omar Poppenlander said...

I enjoyed being a part of your audience that day - you need to copyright your Indiana Jones bit!