Monday, February 09, 2009

25 Things About Not Listing 25 Things

I've been "tagged" by several folks now to do that "25 Things About You" on Facebook.

For those of you who are faceless out there, the gist is: write out 25 things about you, send it to 25 friends, and have them write 25 things, and send it to their friends, etc.

So I have half a dozen friends that want me to come up with 25 things about myself. What's the protocol here?

Do I come up with one list, and just include all six requesters in my 25 send outs? What if I do that and then tomorrow someone else tags me?

Or am I obligated to come up with 150 things about myself?

Am I self aware enough to come up with 150 things? Or even 25? (Heaven knows I'm self-centered enough to think about me for a long time, but aware enough is the question.)

Do I have time to come up with 150 things, or does my boss expect me to get some work done during company time?

I've found the answers from others to their 25 things to be highly interesting, so I feel a little guilty that I haven't reciprocated. Like listening to public radio without subscribing, or watching the Office on line.

Or nabbing some turkey and mashed from Clint's plate when he got up to use the restroom, then selling it on e-bay.

Not that I do any of that stuff.

So here is my compromise: starting tomorrow, I will list 25 things about me. One per day, giving me time to spread out the assignment. Not necessarily in row, as I'm lazy.

Then I can assuage my Facebook guilt and my blogger guilt with one stone, which I won't throw at a glass house, since I lost this mixed metaphor before I really started it.

Sound fair?

Just my thoughts,


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Anonymous said...

This tagging thing seems to have all the guilt and time absorption of a chain letter without the promise of good luck or good health. Hmm. Then again, I like the self-imposed sentence of community service blogging...