Thursday, May 28, 2009

Since The Sermon On The Mount Is Longer Than 140 Characters, How Can It Be Relevant?

My church recently added a service where they encourage the congregants to tweet during the proceedings -- how's the music moving you, what questions do you have or ideas you want to add to the preaching, are you bored with the prayer and think they should move on already -- that sort of thing.

To tweet or not to twitter is the big question that has hit churches. The arguments for tend to be about twitter being a form of sharing (and sharing can never be a bad thing) and besides, this is a way to get the whippersnappers interested.

Most of my thoughts on the topic are summed up pretty well by Josh Harris (although I would quibble with his point #4).

My personal summary deals with biology: the human brain can not focus on two things at the same time, even if the said human is young and fashionable. ( I know this from Brain Rules!)

Which is why we now ban talking on the cell phone while driving - no matter what age the driver happens to be.

So the guy twittering during a lecture can not be giving full attention to both things.

Thus my opinion: if you believe that what your pastor and worship leaders are doing up front is rather shallow and not really worthy of attention, please by all means, encourage twittering during the service. It might help.

If you are striving to make what is going on up front something with depth, something profound and maybe even personal, encouraging distraction is, perhaps, not the best choice.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Melendez Doc

Here's a small doc on Bill Melendez -- who brought A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS to life.


Friday, May 22, 2009

That Babe Pig Ain't Got Nothing On These Dogs

The most amazing thing I've seen this week (but then again, I live a rather boring existence):

Extreme sheep herding.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

What If Christians Ran Hollywood

As aforementioned, this Sunday I will be part of a comedy show parodying a church service. The show will be modeled on the format of a service, with sketches and videos added in.

We have our dress rehearsal tomorrow night – so the jitters have begun.

I am involved as part of the writing team, but also as a performer. I will be leading the responsive reading – but don’t want to give away more than that.

The Well Intentioned Singers will be regaling us with hymns whose tunes went on to became famous TV theme songs.

(Imagine to the tune of The Facts of Life:

“You take the wafer, you take the wine
You take them both and then you’re fine
The bread of life! The bread of life!”

And that one didn’t make the cut!)

We will also have a prayer time gone horribly awry; a children’s sermon the way children’s sermons should be done; and we will answer the age old question “What if Christians ran Hollywood” by dropping in on an alternate universe studio session, to see what cuts we would make in THE DARK KNIGHT to make the movie even better!

I guess it is appropriate to ask for pray for us. Although given our topic, your prayers might be focused in a way other than what I’m thinking…

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Understanding Music

Sometimes we need a little help understanding lyrics.

Louie, Louie.

That Luftballoons song.

And this Joe Cocker tune from Woodstock.

Thankfully, that last one now has a translation. With visual assistance.

I can honestly say, now that I know what was being said, I understand it less.

Thanks, Scott, for the find.

Just my thoughts,


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Like this Ship. It's Exciting.

I saw STAR TREK this weekend. I liked so much about it, I wasn't sure where to start blogging.

But then I read friend Janet's blog, and she says most of what I would have said, just better. So go read her blog, and pretend that my name is at the bottom.

Excellent re-boot; complete respect and nods to the fans, while initiating a whole new world.

Just my thoughts,


Monday, May 11, 2009

A Badd Church Service

The church drama group that I am part of is putting on a comedy show -- a parody of church services, no less.

Should be a good time -- and I am featured in one of the live segments, so how can you lose.

Here's the info (it is worth visiting the website just to watch the trailer for the show -- see how many places you can spot Catherine and I):


The Bel Air Church Drama Department, or “B.A.D.D.,” is known for its spins on spiritual topics in four minutes or less. But what would happen if B.A.D.D. ran the entire worship service? The sermon, the offering, the music? It sounds like a pretty “B.A.D.D.” idea!

Don’t miss “A Very B.A.D.D. Church Service,” one night only, May 17 at 8:00 pm. Tickets are $10 each, $30 for groups of four. Tickets and more info available at

Hope to see some of y'all there.

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Friday, May 08, 2009

There Is No Guarantee

Things on my mind that are slightly more verbose than 140 characters:

- Life imitates art: Donald Miller talks in an interview about how working in film has improved the way he structures his life. A tidbit:

“So I realized that the principles these guys were using to make a story meaningful could also be applied to my life: A protagonist who has an ambition makes for a better story. If they want something that’s self-sacrificing, it’s an even better story. If they’re willing to endure conflict to get the thing—the more conflict, the better the story. “

For the full interview, head over to his blog.

-In the course of my job, I often send things to producer types outside of the studio. And I need to be able to prove that they received the material, so I use a tracking device to tell me that my e-mail has been delivered.

Sometimes that tracker knows the individual better than expected. Like this computer generated response:

“This Return Receipt only acknowledges that the message was displayed on the recipient's computer. There is no guarantee that the recipient has read or understood the message contents.”

Translation: “Hey, I just hand off the message. Don’t blame me if this guy is too dense to comprehend it.”

-I will be seeing the Star Trek movie tomorrow, but like other Trekkiere’s (only posers go by Trekkie or Trekker – that argument is so Next Generation) I am fearful. It seems the movie is disappointingly good, as The Onion points out.

Ah well, I will try to enjoy it despite the great action and intriguing character dynamics. But we’re just quibbling here, and (it must be said) that’s the trouble with quibbles.

Until Horta hears a who, I’m keeping my hopes up.

Just my thoughts,


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Yo, Momma!

Things to watch:

My drama group now has our Mother’s Day tribute, Yo Momma!, on line. Picture is from the shoot (thanks, Lauren!)

After you watch that, you can check out a piece I wrote, Witness Protection.

But the big news is: FELLOWSHIP! is back!

Directed by friend Joel McCrary, this romping spoof of THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING is among the funniest shows I have seen in LA.

Nope, sorry. That is not accurate.

It is flat out the funniest show I have seen in LA.

Opening at the Falcon Theater in Burbank, tickets are now on sale.

Just my thoughts,


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Children of Time

I finally was able to watch the season finale of Doctor Who – the fourth series.

Instead of a standard review or recap, I will instead give quotes from my wife as she watched it with me. (Paraphrased to the best of my ability.)

“You better kiss her, you dummy.” (Actually said about the penultimate episode)

“No way – he’s crazy!”

“Did they just kill Jack?”


“It’s the Incarnation! It’s the Incarnation!”

“Remember, the nurse lady with The Face of Bo called her that!”


(More tears.)

“I don’t think I realized this before. G-d is lonely. G-d is very, very lonely.”

Yeah, it’s a great series.

Just my thoughts,