Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doctor, Lawyer, Beggar Man, Thief

Things about me #3 of 25:

Ever since I was six or seven, I wanted to be a lawyer.

In grade school, I memorized definitions from “Reader’s Digest You & the Law.”

By Junior High, for fun I would read closing arguments to famous cases.

I even tried pleading the fifth to my mom once. As to how well that worked, apparently there are authorities higher than the Constitution.

Wasn't until college that I dropped that career goal. One of the thrills for me in doing my grad work was the required classes at Columbia Law.

Contract Law; non-profit; real estate. And my favorite: Copyright.

The case of the hamburger shop, Mr. Donalds, with their golden arch (notice the singular) arguing that they never dreamed anyone would confuse them with that operation run by the clown.

Or the adult film that used a certain mouse's club theme song, arguing fair use. (First rule in studying the Supreme Court: the Mouse House rarely loses.)

Or the presidential candidate that claimed using "Don't Worry, Be Happy" without permission wasn't a violation because, well, because that candidate's lawyers weren't very well versed on the law. They shoulda worried more.

Ah, precedent and argumentation, closings and minority opinions, judgments and over ruling -- still gets my heart going a pitter-pat.

Time to come clean: in the "boxer or..." question, I've always been a briefs man.

Just my thoughts,



Hugo said...

Is the title a reference to the Tom Waits song "Heart Attack and vine"? If so good taste if not ?

Gaffney said...

Title is a reference to the children's rhyme about what you want to be when you grow up. Never assume good taste from me...