Thursday, February 05, 2009

Who Watches Old 70's Government Videos?

I was in 6th grade when our teacher made the whole class watch this film reel. I remember being freaked out, even though I grew up in rural NY, far away from where any costumed vigilante would care to hang out.

I mean, what would a Hangman or Nite Owl do in my part of the woods -- prevent cowtipping?

Looking at it now, it just seems kind of silly. The Jiminy Cricket "I'm No Fool" message stayed with me longer.

What do you think, are we ready to repeal the Keene Act, and let these guys back out of the box?

Just my thoughts,



David Goulet said...

Here's a reel from the 60's that I think inspired Jack Kirby's Kamandi series.

Sonya Chung said...

Hi Seannnnnnn... Got your not-Christmas play, thanks for making me laugh! It was so nice to hear your voice... hope you guys are well and enjoying new digs. I'm going to be blog-moaning soon about the ascendance of Facebook (and other online travails), so I enjoyed your post on that topic. Love to Cath!