Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Earl of Sandwich, Duke of Doughnuts

Thing about me #4 of 25:

In a blog last week, I pointed out that I had three dreams as a kid, benchmarks really, that would show me that I arrived as an adult.

#1: A wine cellar, but instead of being full of wine, it would be full of soda.

I could just imagine myself, swirling a fine glass of Ale La’ Ginger ’07.

Or sniffing in the fruity aroma off the cork of a Hawaiin Punch Rose ’08.

#2: A library with multi-levels and (this is the most important thing) a sliding ladder.

I didn’t mention the third thing in that blog, so it becomes fact #4 about me:

#3: I always dreamed of having a job where I had to order in sandwiches to eat at my desk.

Ah, the romance of work to a child!

Think of all those movies, featuring a Rosalind Russell or a Kate Hepburn exchanging witty barbs while trying to decide who ordered the pastrami on rye.

I get all misty-eyed just saying “pastrami on rye.”

And I didn’t even know what pastrami was!

As an adult, I often get to eat at my desk. Not nearly as glamorous as my childhood vision.

But every now and then, I do feel a little satisfaction, hearing the whisper of Rosalind and the echo of Kate’s bold laugh.

So raise your pastrami on rye in a salute to sandwiches ordered in to eat at the desk!

Just my thoughts,



S. J. Deal said...

As a kid I dreamed of being a lawyer. I have absolutely no interest in the profession now that I know what a lawyer is

I do not recall any food related dreams. But I still dream of owning a castle with lots of rooms.


M Christopher said...

If you're ever in Portland OR, I heartily recommend the pastrami at Kenny & Zuke's Deli, right around the corner from Powell's City of Books (I know you can find THAT place!).