Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christian Spielbergs and Tolstoys

Some noteworthy moments in blogging:

Don Miller describes the process of writing a novel at his blog.

And Jeff Overstreet rants a bit on his blog; worth reading if for no other reason than this beautiful line:

"If we stop focusing on creating “Christian Spielbergs” we may realize that God is already revealing himself through Spielberg..."

I have mixed feelings about the whole notion of a "Christian" art industry (word in quotes because in this context it does not mean what Christ might think it means); but I have no mixed feelings about artists who are Christians who don't see the value of what is already out there.

They are wasting such time and resources, when they could be furthering the kingdom...

Just my thoughts,


PS Yeah, I know Tolstoy is a Christian. Just try telling that to Christian bookstores...

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David Goulet said...

Agreed. With a caveat. When it comes to telling specifically Christian stories, like films set in Biblical times or about Church figures, I would like to have Christian artists at the helm.

It doesn't guarantee excellence, but it should save us from the likes of the Noah's Ark mini-series.