Thursday, May 04, 2006

Viewing Marines

I spent most of yesterday driving out to 29 Palms to visit my baby brother Luke -- pictured here with his wife (can you still call him "baby" when he is a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, and a platoon commander? Wait, I'm older, I outrank him. Baby it is.)

The most important thing I learned from a day on a military base: Their PX sold out of Hoodwinked in one day -- the only release this week to do so.

To be fair, they didn't get as many copies of Hoodwinked as they wanted. The sales clerk was complaining that their distributer doesn't understand what sells to marines -- she predicted that the Red Ridinghood flick would have brisk sales. Comes down to knowing your audience.

Just to confirm that the Marine/DVD market is misunderstood, Luke tells me that the large display of Brokeback Mountain vids on his regular base pretty much went untouched.

Yeah, gotta know your market.

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JohnDownUnder said...

Having been a Marine for an entire 85 days, all I can say is "Duh!" on the know-your-audience thought!

Kitty :)

Joseph said...

goes to show: