Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On the Road Again

This weekend, Catherine and I are teaching at Taproot Theatre's Church Drama Conference, up Seattle way. Which will be doubly fun, not only as a reunion with Taproot for Cath and me, but as a combining of worlds.

Good friend Cory Edwards (of Hoodwinked fame) is giving the keynote and doing a bit of standup for the conference. His wife (and our friend Vicki) is also along, so we can have a lot of fun introducing them to our past lives.

While in town, we will be able to see Taproot's production of The Foreigner, which is garnering rave reviews.

After a few days in Seattle, we then head to Helena, Montana, for my godson's high school graduation.

Sheesh, I'm getting old. Another niece has already announce her impending nuptials. And my brother is a grand-father, which makes me a great uncle. But I've always been a pretty good uncle, so no surprise there... hee hee.

Okay, time to stop with the lame puns and get packing.

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