Friday, May 26, 2006

Superhero Name

In honor of my small group attending the X-Men movie tonight (I have a very spiritual small group), I've decided to share a pic of Iron Man (not one of the X-Men, but at least Marvel) as seen through the ideas of friend, Bryan Ballinger.

And I could use a little help: by the time I show up at the theater tonight, I am supposed to have chosen my superhero name.

My wife has chosen Excel, and describes her powers thusly: "mistress of charts - creating formulas blazingly fast, while color coding and shrinking the font size. No criminal can escape the cell I put borders around."

Another friend has selected Target -- master of discount shopping. Her sidekick: Ross.

I've yet to zero in on the perfect name that captures my unique, x-factor abilities.


Just my thoughts,



Randy said...

How about ReWrite Man! Able to turn scripts inside out and in again in the blink of a cursor?

Anonymous said...

how about "Bizarro Sean". That way, you can do anything you wouldn't normally do, and blame it on the character.


Anonymous said...

How about Blog-Boy - Always able to turn the trivial into a good read...

stacy barton said...

so...i need the end of the story...what was your superhero persona? i'm a day late to contribute names (although i might have suggested "captain random" based on your blog description) i stumbled across your site because you quoted a comment i made about the james fry fuss on alice bass' blog. ive bookmarked you now.

Gaffney said...

Welcome, Stacy -- although I am always nervous to know that someone I quoted is paying attention -- have to be careful about what I say!

I decided on Jason Cooper's suggestion: Zapdingbat, able to take any sentence incomprehensible with wild symbols! Oh, and my secret identitity by day: Lord Font Leroy.

Hee hee...