Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Looking for Cory In All the Right Places

Three ways to get your Cory Edwards fix this month:

1) Check out the interview at FilmChat, Peter Chattaway's site.

2) Buy the Hoodwinked DVD and listen to the commentary (what, you haven't bought last week's number one selling DVD yet? For shame...)

3) Check out his highly amusing website, Cory's Curiosities. And when you go there, don't just spend all your time getting the dirt on Hoodwinked, scroll down for the best translation device for Variety I have yet to see, his essay entitled, "Hollywoodese: A Second Language." You'll be glad you did.

Just my thoughts,



Cory Edwards said...

What a nice friend you are to give me such blatant and shameless publicity. Thank you. I am getting addicted to blogging... so much so that I have to pace myself. A blog every six hours would look very pathetic.

Gaffney said...

My pleasure.

As to the addiction -- yeah. I always thought that those people that blogged all the time needed to get a life; but then once I realized that I had no life, I decided to join them.