Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Wrestling with Cats, Wrestling with G-d, Wrestling with a Segue, Wresting with Career

Some random things out there around the net that caught me.

1. This guy is insane, but he makes me happy:

2. Speaking of wrestling, Stuff Christians Like had a post I like -- I focused in on the part about wrestling, the paragraph marked with the "2."

3. And speaking of speaking of things, (yeah, I'm so bad at transitioning from one topic to another, that if you asked me "what's a segue" I would probably guess about four pounds), my pastor had some cool insights on my favorite Bernstein quote.

And before any second fiddlers complain, let me make a correction -- take the word "almost" out of the "almost as good as the first violin" -- it's like Ginger Rogers; she had to do everything Astaire did, only backwards and in heels.

4. Finally, for those that want an insight into the mind of a screenwriter (don't go there, it is a very dark place and the food is awful), you can see a really well done, full length doc profiling three wanna be writers called DREAMS ON SPEC at SnagFilms. Free viewing, with commercials popping up throughout.

(If you are lucky, it will be the Blackberry commercials, rather than having to watch those bears do their business in the woods over and over again. Yeah, I thought the Verizon commercial was irritating until Charmin took over.)

Just my thoughts,



David Goulet said...

But when you say "wrestling with God" do you mean Greco-Roman style or WWE style? Do we know, as with the latter, that the outcome is preordained? Or is the contest anyone's to win?

To be really hip we should update this analogy and say "we're stepping into the octagon with God". God seems pretty good at the ground and pound. And as mighty as God is, in the person of Jesus, He did tapout once -- leading to His greatest victory.

Gaffney said...

"Stepping into the octagon with God." That has got to be a book title!
As always, David, priceless and dead on.