Monday, September 14, 2009

Janet Says the Darndest Things

I just finished laughing my way through CRAZY JANET: ONE WOMAN’S OFF-THE-CUFF AT-WORK REMARKS by friend, Bob Borwick.

I worked with Bob Borwick up in Seattle; even roomed with him for a spell (he introduced me to Jackie Chan pre-“Rush Hour”). I knew he was a gifted actor and fight choreographer, but I guess his real talent is in listening.

CRAZY JANET is a collection of the wit and wisdom from the mouth of Janet, Bob's co-worker in the records department of a pediatrics clinic.

Janet would say strange, funny things.

Bob would listen.

Bob would write them down.

Bob would have the wisdom to publish them.

A light sampling:

“I’m always learning something. But you know what? It doesn’t really take.”

“You know what’s awful? Having chocolate in your mouth. And then sneezing.”

(whispering) “She doesn’t know how to do stuff. Is she just pretty?”

“You shouldn’t say, ‘I’ll get someone to take care of that.’ You say, ‘I’ll take care of that.” And then you find someone to take care of it.”

Thank you, Janet, for being so naturally funny.

And Bob? Thanks for listening.

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David Goulet said...

That last Janet-ism should be filed under "How to succeed in Hollywood."