Wednesday, September 02, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Three referrals today.

1) You can read the first few chapters of Donald Miller's book on line. Kinda ticked -- I've already been planning on writing a book on life lessons learned through the process of scriptwriting. Looks like that is what Don is doing. And he's such and interesting writer. Rassum frassum.

2) My friend Mark Atteberry put me on to this: THE BUTTERFLY CIRCUS, a short film that can be viewed at The Doorpost Film Project. A beautiful little film; a teeny tad of treacle, but handles the topic without going overboard, thinks I.

3) THE SENSATION OF SIGHT, Aaron Wiederspahn's gorgeous film starring David Strathairn, has a fan music video. Watching this reminded me of how wonderfully moving that movie is.


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Anonymous said...


The lead actor in the Butterfly Circus film, Nick Vujicic, is also a motivational speaker at churches and other locales. Search for his name on-line and you can find some of his videos, etc.