Monday, August 31, 2009

Awaiting Moderation

I just posted on another blog.

A message popped up saying: “Awaiting moderation.”

Me too, brother, me too.

And awaiting moderation in so many areas.

Some personal (do I really have to finish off the whole Doritos bag?).

Some universal (can we have a cap & trade system set up for reality shows? They can only have another “living in a house together show” if someone agrees to one less “people who should not be allowed to procreate finding their soul mate through the use of a hot tub” show).

So people, let’s stop waiting and get ourselves some moderation.

Can we start with political discourse, please?


Okay then. I’m going back to my bag of Doritos.

Just my thoughts,



Anonymous said...

Love the hot tub comment.

Just saw a "news item" about girl's t-shirts with tassels on them. And a Stripper Pole doll. Like Barbie, but, ya know, as a stripper. Even more disturbing, the doll looks like a CHILD.

Preach on, brotha!


Linds said...

cap and trade for tv! I love it!

David Goulet said...

And if you already own Pixar you can't have Marvel too!

Just watch, Toy Story 4 is going to have a Spidey 'action figure' join Woody and Buzz as they take on the malfunctioning Green Goblin night light.

Nuff said (in Donald Duck voice)