Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HTKWAP/PDBWTAS: #4 Where the Wind Blows

“How to Know When a Pundit/Politician Doesn’t Believe What They Are Saying.”

Guideline #4: If one doesn’t know what one’s opinion is without consulting the polls/ratings first, one likely doesn’t believe in what one is saying.

There used to be a game show for kids that divided the stage into three numbered sections.

They asked the contestants – about a hundred kids if memory serves (and my memory rarely serves – it rather asks to be waited upon) – a multiple choice question with three possible answers.

The kids would race pell-mell, with a clock ticking, to one of the three locations. They were to stand in the area that represented their answer.

But here’s the twist – they could look around and see where all the other kids where standing, and during a second time period could race to a different answer.

After that, the kids standing on the wrong answers were eliminated from the game.

It was always fun seeing which kids would automatically change to whichever answer had the most number of people on it.

And which ones would hold to the answer they thought was right, even if unpopular.

And, of course, the sneaky smart kids that would intentionally run to a wrong answer, then switch as the crowd lemminged their way toward their doom.

I kinda picture Washington as a stage divided into sections, with a slew of elected contestants who don’t even bother to listen to the question, but only watch to see where the rest of the kids run.

If only there was an elimination element for those that got it wrong…

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David Goulet said...

That's a brilliant comparison. Spot on. And yes, if only there was an elimination phase.

Might be a real skeleton crew running the place.