Friday, August 14, 2009

Will Teach for Food

I get asked "where do you teach?" quite a bit.

Usually I am asked at conferences, or right after talks, or at schools. Often as part of the q & a when I am done teaching a class.

So the real smart aleck answer is: "I teach here. Just now. Weren't you paying attention?"

But instead I say, "Wherever anyone will pay me to teach."

Which sounds like the smart aleck answer. (It isn't; see above for the real smart aleck answer. And start paying attention.)

To prove that I am serious, I am teaching my three hour story structure class tonight.

In a living room in a house in Sherman Oaks.

Yep. Seven people or so, lounging on couches, listening to me lecture.


Not as strange as what happened to my friend Jennifer (or, as she now insists I call her, "The New York Times Best Selling Author, Jennifer." Of course she is just getting back at me for the years I made her call me "the guy that got his article published in a local neighborhood newsletter, Sean." Never shoulda made her do that.)

Upon learning that she gave lectures, she was asked, "Do you do children's parties?"

You will have to ask her how that turned out. I'm too busy getting ready for my first living room class.

Hope there's plenty of chalk for the chalkboard.

Just my thoughts,



gilliebean said...

Let's all be lifetime teachers. And students.

Sonya said...

Yeah, I hear ya. My favorite teaching work is also the least paid. Why is that? Why must it be so? My least least paid work is of course writing; which is of course what I most most enjoy doing. Must is always and forever be so? Sigh.