Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Things for Today

Things that are out and about:

-Friend Jennifer is on the NY Times Best Seller list. Yep, you heard me right. New. York. Times. Woohoo! Couldn’t a happened to a classier dame.

-Janet reports that Act One alum Melissa d’Arabian got her Hollywood gig the hard way – by winning her own show via a reality show. Congrats, Melissa!

-Screenwriter John August is handing out free money advice to writers. Good stuff. My favorite pearl: “Nearly every screenwriter I speak with has a similar story — you’re never as broke as when you first start making money.”

-Are you a hack writer and need advice? Screenwriting tips for hacks was made for you (and me!) Short tidbits, often snarky, but mostly true tips for the writer. Like tip #36: “Stop treating your characters like precious, precious snowflakes. If something horrible doesn’t happen to them at the end of Act 2, why should I care about Act 3?” Or the perfectly stated tip #33: “An ellipsis cannot be made longer by adding more dots. Don’t be that guy.”

-Donald Miller chastises a plumber for doing good work while avoiding being preachy. (And then Don read the comments, and learned that people take things way too literally.)

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