Friday, August 07, 2009

What's the Way We Spell Success?

Interesting TED lecture by Alain de Botton about how we measure success.

This is a good start at reshaping the way that we look at goals and achievement. The topic of success is a constant one out here in La-La land, where it seems obvious (the part! the sale! the green light! the box office! the awards!) -- yet isn't at all obvious.

Parts last only so long, sales often turn to nothing, green lights more often than not are yellows waiting to snap red, box office only helps to make one more movie, awards are fleeting.

I remember an interview a few years back with a woman who just won a major acting award. The interview was during the after party, which was fairly wild. When asked why she was partying so hard, with remarkable insight she said (and I paraphrase):

"I have to enjoy the award tonight; by tomorrow morning I will realize that my career will never be this good again."


Two take-aways from Botton:

It is a sin to judge a man by his post. (Augustine)

The problem is that there is nothing at the center that is non-human. (Botton)

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