Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Give a Damn

A kid I knew from Biola made the news.

He went off to Kenya to make a documentary called “Give a Damn.” He and a small crew of idealistic twenty-somethings.

Part of the gimmick was that during the filming, they would each live on a dollar a day.

While shooting some b-roll scenic shots, the plane they were in crashed.

The missionary pilot died on impact.

Dan’s fellow crew-members, Rob (one of those twenty-somethings, who ironically is part of the project because he’s the guy that doesn’t “give a damn”) pulled Dan and the co-pilot out of the wreckage before it burst into flames.

You can get the story here.

The survivors are stable, although dealing with their injuries.

And they’re staying in Kenya to finish what they started.

You can see more about the doc here.

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David Goulet said...


My day job is in the international development field. I'm going to get the word out about their doc as much as possible.

And again, wow.