Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shouldn't It Be "Created By"?

There’s something nice about folks who give credit to the Lord for their artistic endeavors.

You know, the fella that has a sweet dedication blurb in the front of his book, or the lady that invokes His name when accepting her Tony.

Of course it’s also a little creepy when that one guy is thanking G-d for his Grammy honoring his little ditty about beating his hoes to keep them in line.

I imagine such dedications are sometimes acts of humility (“I can do nothing without you”) and sometimes acts of hubris (“Yep, the Almighty works at my beck and call”).

As a writer, I understand the notion that some creations are beyond self – my best writing is writing that I don’t think I can take much credit for.

But when one gives credit to the Maker, and the work of art is a piece of crap, that’s hubris of the highest degree. And not just hubris, but pure chicken pellets.

(Hmmn, doesn’t quite read the same without the profanity. Let’s try it again: And not just hubris, but pure cowardice.)

Of the, “You can’t judge my work because it is G-d’s and you can’t say anything bad about G-d without blaspheming so I'm critic proof” kind.

Such as this movie (extended trailer here).

A “Christian” movie trailer so awful, it is being touted on the Richard Dawkins website. Who needs to argue about the idiocy of Christianity when the Christians are doing such a good job themselves?

The detail that tips the scales on this one from “maybe they were trying, give them a break” to “please stop playing in my sandbox” – the credits shown in the extended trailer:

“Executive producer: The Holy Spirit”

“Screenplay: Jesus Christ”

Yep, the second entity of the Trinity wrote this one without any human help.

Of course they didn’t let him direct it, so maybe the poor quality isn’t his fault.

Just my thoughts,



Chris Hansen said...

Watched it. Wow. Just... wow.

Linds said...

*blink blink*

And I thought "Satan Will C Me Dance" would be the worst Christian movie this year.

Nate said...

wow I never understood "this will make your eyes bleed" until today! that hurts.

David Goulet said...

Now playing at a theater near you: Anacondas 3 -- Soul Constrictors.

Glad to see the Paraclete is a fan of B-movies.

Janet said...

Oh the pain... the pain...

Omar Poppenlander said...

It's a spoof, right? They're not serious, right?

Just out of (morbid) curiosity, I went to the web-site referenced in the credits. Seems the founder of God's Love ministry is also the director of the film - and cast himself as God. Shoulda' seen that coming.