Friday, April 03, 2009

Lover Budgets

A friend sent an e-mail to me today about an independent film he is working on. In discussing some marketing needs, he pointed out that big budget films can do all kinds of things.

Then he said,

“Those of us with lover budgets don't have that luxury.”

I think he meant “lower” budgets.

But this slip may be more Freudian than typo.

For those of us who have worked in non-profits arts, or who scrounge to make our own movie, or have that minimum wage job so we are free to pursue our crafts…

For us, I think “lover budget” describes beautifully the situation. Certainly better than “dollar” budget could.

Just my thoughts,



David Goulet said...

At this point I'd settle for a 'one night stand budget'.

Catherine said...

Lover Budget = date at The Crest ... or dinner at In-N-Out. With you, the lover budget is great!