Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Excuses to Buy Books

I bought some books.

Given that I gave away half of my collection before my last move, this is a big deal for me.

I blame this transition from lessening my materialism to increasing it on my friends.

Folks like Susan Isaacs, who wrote ANGRY CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD.

A friend of mine decides to take G-d to couple’s therapy, writes a book about it, and you expect me to not buy it? Think again!

And now that I finished the three-volume-set of graphic novels, JUSTICE (yes, Jim Krueger, I finally got around to reading your collaboration with Alex Ross), I have space to read CONVERSATIONS.

I often balance multiple books at one time, so my companion to Susan’s book is John Medina’s BRAIN RULES.

So on one side, I’m reading the whacky ways that Susan’s brain deals with her relationship to a metaphysical being, and on the other I read ways that Susan could be getting more out of her brain function. (Afternoon nap, Susan, afternoon nap!)

And I now own more books to put on my “written by friends” shelf.

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