Wednesday, April 15, 2009

But the Tigers Come at Night

The audition process for reality talent shows thrive on the oddball -- the person clearly out of touch with reality hoping for a big break, unaware that they are the joke of the moment.

Sometimes that oddball makes one squeamish, they are so painful to watch.

Sometimes they are heartbreaking in their obvious solitude, and unfulfilled desire to connect.

Sometimes they are quite simply jerks who deserve their moment of shame.

But sometimes, they connect us with a moment of beauty, like this one on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT.

Thanks for the heads up, Kara Lee.

Just my thoughts,



Alexa said...

that made me cry. and that made my day. thanks for posting that!

Linds said...

Delightful stuff. :)

David Goulet said...

Most interesting to me in the clip is Simon's reaction. He completely drops his fascade for a few moments and allows himself to be joyfully surprised by this woman.

That is a redemptive moment brother.

Anonymous said...

Check out her "Cry Me a River" it's amazing!

(You tube, 'course!)