Friday, April 24, 2009

Point Me to the SE Corner

Friends of mine are making me think. Maybe they’ll make you think too.

Sonya is going through copy-editing, and facing the same writer challenges that I deal with. When to fix, when to let go (or abandon)?

And when is it broken, rather than just not resonating at the moment?

“It is what it is.” Good advice, Sonya. And good luck…

Cory put me onto a robot experiment in NYC – or I should say, a humanity experiment using a robot.

Next step would be to determine if the robot would receive the same level of assistance if it were a broken and dirty robot instead.

And would a pack of robots help Dakota Fanning find her way across the park?


John is talking about the brain and public speaking. If you’ve been wondering about the functional neural architecture proposed by Posner, well, ponder no more!

What caught me was John’s assertion: “I don’t believe in entertainment in teaching.”

John’s right on here (and I’m sure he is glad to be validated by someone who thought Posner was a name you called that white guy trying to rap). Tell a story that is irrelevant, you’ve lost your teaching.

Tell a story that is relevant, and the students will remember the point.

I heard tell of a guy that told relevant stories throughout his teaching. His class killed him, but we all still remember his stories.

Just my thoughts,


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gilliebean said...

I remember that guy too. Good stories.