Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Star Theology

We interrupt Comic-Con news for this important announcement:

This Sunday, BEACON (a entertainment industry group from my church) is sponsoring a screening of STAR WARS.

After the screening, I am on a panel with Bob Lee, Cory Edwards and others to discuss the Theology of Star Wars.

Free event, if any are interested.

I am also looking for pointers, hint hint.

I of course will be prepared to talk about Mr. Lucas’ desire for the film (I have the Moyers interview), Campbell’s take on myth, and my own spin on the Judeo-Christian ideals that come out in the story.

And I have the Dick Staub book on order.

Here’s the info on the screening and discussion:

Sunday Film Night: The Theology of Star Wars [ August 3 ]7:30 p.m. Discipleship Center :: Use the Force (What force? Good question!) and join us for the iconic, culture shaping film STAR WARS. If your kids haven't seen it, what better place for more fun than church? Then join leaders of B.A.D.D. & Beacon as we discuss its theological perspectives. Event is free.

Bel Air Church is located at:16221 Mulholland DriveLos Angeles, CA 90049.

Map and directions here.

Just my thoughts,



Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great idea. Will you tape it? Do you plan to do it with other movies?

Gaffney said...

I don't know if they are taping it; I will look into that.

Beacon does this, or some variant, with a different movie every month.

Anonymous said...

I would really dig a "podcast" of the talk. (Adds a point to Jennifer's comment)