Thursday, July 31, 2008

Part Two of Con Report

More stuff I learned at Comic Con:

-The women of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA like guns. A lot.

-Kevin Smith has a potty mouth.

-James Callis has an interesting take on what drives Gaius Baltar – at first talking about guilt, but then amending himself. Shame, not guilt. Interesting that he made the distinction between the two…

-Tricia Helfer is a class act.

-CHUCK is a fun show in part because all the people on it are fun. And having fun.

-Adam Baldwin is a rock star at Comic Con. And why not? Jayne starring on another geek show – who could ask for more.

(Adam Baldwin also stays in character a lot – but broke character for a great moment of genuine humility, as he told the crowd how thankful he was that his CHUCK cast mates could now feel the FIREFLY love he was able to get at earlier Cons.)

-There are a lot of Aussies out there tossing around American accents. (And apparently everybody from Australia is stunningly attractive.)

-The Warner Bros booth was popular. Just saying. Tried to get to it twice, couldn’t get in. And those Warner oversized bags? Not at all practical, yet the chic prize of the Con.

-Non humans have to use different bathrooms than humans.

-Staring at an Elektra costume in admiration for the attention to detail can often be misconstrued as staring at a babe wearing skimpy clothing. Just saying.

-Bryan hasn’t lost his whacky edge.

-Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. look really impressive walking around together the first time one sees them. By the third or fourth time, they start looking a bit fey.

-Coming to the Con without a camera is a dumb idea. You miss documenting things like the six and eight year old Darth Vaders in full regalia, one with a Wookie backpack, and the other with a Spiderman backpack draped over their capes.

-The funniest idea at the Con: approach everyone in costume (no matter the costume) and ask: “Hey, are you supposed to be Secret Squirrel?” (Thanks, Moira.)

-Cows penned in the middle of a San Diego street is just weird, no matter what your television show subject matter.

-The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd is a fun, fun show.

-Every time I go to Comic Con I win a raffle in a session. Nifty.

-SUPERNATURAL is now more popular than SMALLVILLE.

-Even if you tell an ape that you don’t think he’s dirty or damned, he may still beat you with his baton for speaking to him like an equal. (Discovered this by watching Cory get beaten by a pair of apes. While I stood silently by. As a darn, dirty human should.)

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PS. For more Comic Con photos (since I didn’t take a camera) check out


David Goulet said...

Your killing me with this Con stuff. Someday I'll get there. But on which side of the table? Hmmm.

Omar Poppenlander said...

I think the distinction between shame and guilt is an important one. I'm glad that Callis pointed it out, because that fine line is part of what makes Baltar so interesting as a character . . .