Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Classics - New and Old

Haven't gotten to the theatre to see WALL-E yet, but still want a taste?

How about watching the marvelous short that precedes the film in theatres: Presto.

(Thanks to Jeff for the link.)

While you're watching that, I'll chat about what a great time Cath, Company and I had watching Bugs Bunny cartoons at the Hollywood Bowl.

First, the surreal nature of watching the Bowl in a movie at the Bowl. When I was a kid, I didn't know the Bowl was a real place -- I assumed it was as fictional as Marvin's space ship.

Makes me wonder about Marvin's space ship.

Second, watching these cartoons on the big screen with a crowd is the way to go. Laughter feeds laughter.

As I sat there, more tickled than I thought, enjoying the show more than expected, I realized that this is the way they were meant to be seen. Back in the day, cartoons were not created for television, but for the movie houses.

Bugs up on the big screen where he belongs.


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