Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pro at the Con

My Comic-con trip was brief – a day and a half. Cath and I went down late Friday with friends Mark & Nicole, staying with Nicole’s uncle fifteen minutes away from the convention center.

Here are a few things I learned at the Con, in chronological order:

-Being sick in a room full of one hundred thousand people is a bummer. But less of a bummer than being the Boba Fett I sneezed on.

-It’s good to have Cory Edwards on your panel, as he is entertaining AND has something to say. (For Cory’s take on the Con, start reading here.)

-Wiccans wearing low-cut bustiers can be quite amusing – especially early in the morning before their caffeine settles in.

-If it takes you longer to walk from the door to the end of the line of people waiting to enter a session then the length of the session itself, you are not getting in.

-Most free stuff is over priced.

-Not as many comic geeks are hot for Dean Koontz as are hot for Summer Glau.

-I am not allowed to be the show runner of a television program if the lead actress flirts with me as much as the lead of DOLLHOUSE flirted with Joss Whedon. Catherine’s rules, not mine.

(Sidenote: in her defense, Eliza wasn’t flirting with Joss, she was flirting with every man in the room. It ain’t no accident that girl has her own show…)

-Joss’ new show plays on one of his favorite themes: identity. Which is universal, hitting one of the three common questions that Howard Stein says links religion and art: “Who are we?”

(Howard’s other two: “Where did we come from?” and “Where are we going to?”)

-If Tahmoh Penikett (formerly of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) is whispering in Eliza Dushku’s ear an explanation of why the guy in line asked him if Eliza’s spine glows, no one (and I mean not even Joss’ mother) is listening to Joss talk about the depth of character arc he has planned for the coming year.

-Camping out in a room from session to session is completely unfair if you are outside a room full of campers; completely reasonable if you are inside the room camping.

-Wearing a hair band with cat ears may qualify as a costume at your office’s Halloween party, but is just sad at the Con.

More to come…

Just my thoughts,


PS Photo of Catherine & company by Shon Little. Photo of Captain America by Bryan at Breadwig.com. More photos here.

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Sarah said...

I did not know you were going down! Although, now that I think about it, I hadn't talked with you for a while.

I skipped the whole film/TV track of stuff, and stuck with comics. Although I did go to both of Joe Straczynski's sessions.

I don't know that Boba Fett would have noticed the sneezing.

Camping out in the room is entirely legit. It's ComicCon tradition! :)