Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Billy and Bugs

Thanks to Jeff for pointing us toward this Wall Street article.

Billy Collins, the poet laureate that Prairie Home Companion introduced me to, writes about a great influence on his poetry -- the gang from Looney Tunes.

The intellectual in me appreciates his opening gambit, expounding on the notion that asking an artist about his influences elicits less-than-honest answers. Especially the notion -- true in my experience -- that one's influences often come from different angles than one's own field.

Hence a poet laureate speaking of cartoons as an influence.

Cath and I (with a bunch of friends) are attending the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday -- for a live orchestra accompanied screening of several of these Looney Toons classics.

I'm ready to be freaked by being at the Bowl and watching Bugs literally bring down the Bowl on top of a tenor. Pirandello indeed.

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