Monday, June 02, 2008

On the Couch

I was startled by a couch this weekend.

It was a nice enough of a couch, really. Pretty good condition, looked new.

Black leather that made it look professional; yet those large cushions that also made it look comfy.

It was upright, had all it’s legs, no tears in the fabric or anything like that.

In fact, based on an examination of the couch itself, I would say there was nothing about it that anyone should have found startling.

Just a nice, perfectly normal couch.

Sitting proudly in the third lane of the 405 freeway.

Made me wonder if that’s what’s wrong with me sometimes.

Based on an examination of me myself, I’m a nice enough of a fellow; upright, comfy, no tears in my fabric.

So maybe I just don’t belong in the third lane of the 405 freeway.

Just my thoughts,


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Ben said...

Hey Sean,
Thanks for the thoughts "on the couch".

I quoted and linked to this article on my blog. (802heaven)