Friday, June 06, 2008

Iron Man Trailer to be a Feature

The Onion did a story that I missed, but have watched four times in the last day and it still makes me laugh -- because it is too true. (See it here.)

The gist: Rabid fans of the popular Iron Man Trailer are upset over news that the studio is planning on adapting the ninety second trailer into a full length movie. (Clearly the movie has already been made -- like I said, I'm missed the story at first.)

Made me think of my poor friend Cory, who is already hearing flack from die-hard fans about a movie that hasn't even been written yet. If you go to his site (and why wouldn't you?), scroll on down for his three-part "Power of the Fan" series.

And then watch the Onion story again, and laugh and laugh and laugh...

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