Friday, June 20, 2008

A Few Suggestions...

Friend Jason put me onto this post, an open letter to Hollywood.

(Warning that the responses to the post can get crass, using some of that adult language that is marked by immaturity -- so read past the post at your own risk.)

I have to say, the letter made me laugh, and I agreed with much of it.

Most truthful line: "Just because a film is profitable, does not necessarily dictate a need for a sequel."

Request that is least likely to happen: "You need to start learning from your mistakes."

My favorite entry: "Once performers become tabloid fixtures, they should be cut from the studio roster. The more "famous for being famous" someone becomes, the less we want to see them in a film."

Now, if only we can find Hollywood's address...

Just my thoughts,



Jeffrey Overstreet said...

Ah, but there are exceptions. I think Brad Pitt is getting *better* as an actor, even though he's also a king of tabloids. (Then again, he is a *reluctant* king of tabloids...)

Omar Poppenlander said...

Wouldn't one have to argue that Brad Pitt was a film star turned tabloid king, rather than a tabloid queen turned film star (a la Paris Hilton)? I guess I think that talent matters and, as Jeff noted, Brad Pitt can still act when given the right material.

BTW, how does one become "famous for being famous" anyway?


Gaffney said...

Have enough money to hire a publicist.