Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sorkin: Unofficial Campaign Consultant

In the category of “ripped from the plot lines…”

Remember the hub-bub a few weeks back about Huckabee creating an attack ad against Romney?

Here’s what happened: Huckabee’s campaign announced that they made an attack ad, but then they realized that it would be morally wrong to run the ad. So they held a press conference, confessed that they made the ad but would not run it.

And then played the ad for the press, giving them permission to use the ad in their stories about how the Huckabee folk would never stoop to showcasing the ad.

Now, for a few of us, this sounded familiar. As it should, since it is a plot line from THE WEST WING, season three (“The Vera Wang Dress”).

In the television version, the Republican candidate makes an attack ad, and leaks it to the opposition.
They then explain to the media outlets that they chose to not run the ad, as it was beneath their dignity – and gave out copies to the press, so it could be played along with the story.

The only thing Huckabee is missing is an indignant Sam Seaborn crying “foul.”

I wonder if he could get Rob Lowe before Super Tuesday…

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