Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Quit Clowning Around

Dimitri Martin, comic and occasional DAILY SHOW correspondent, has a bit where he draws a flowchart of clowns.

His conclusions:

Circus – annoying.
Birthday – sad.
Just around – creepy.
Injured – always funny.

We laugh because it is true.

As a new study has shown: despite our firm belief that we know what kids like, turns out they generally don’t like clowns.

Go figure.

I imagine specific clowns do better, you know, clowns that we already have a relationship with.

Like Ronald McDonald.

So, clowns with French Fries, okay.

Clowns just around – as Dimitri says, creepy.

Just my thoughts,



SaribugsG said...

Elena did this panic attack in the face thing until I told her that the clowns on Dumbo are just being silly... Don't even ask how she reacted to the one painting faces at the Christmas party. A few frames of "Stephen King's It" when I was younger was enough for me to be completely freaked out by them, fries or not!!

Omar P. said...

Ever hear the Randy Stonehill song, "Baby Hates Clowns?" Maybe he was on to something . . .