Monday, January 14, 2008

Reading While Writer's Won't Write

As y'all know, Hollywood is in the midst of a strike as a result of a dispute between the Writer's Guild and the Producers.

There are a whole lot of people being put out of work over this -- people who are neither writers nor producers, who have no say or vote in the dispute, and who will not benefit from any results of the dispute.

My workplace has been in the news of late for a large number of layoffs that are in process. My job as yet remains somewhat unaffected -- thanks again for all who have called or written in asking.

Movie professionals -- grips, assistants, make-up folk, etc, have been laid off as their projects ran out. The folk getting laid off at this point are the facilities folk, the janitors, groundskeepers etc who keep the lot running -- since much of the lot isn't running anymore, there is no longer the same level of work.

Those from my lot apparently were given severance packages, but that certainly won't tide them over for long.

My friend Sabrina (well, technically she is the daughter of my friends, but this young girl did a show with Catherine, so...) has a heart for all those innocent bystanders of the strike, and decided to do something about it.

She is holding a read-athon, collecting pennies per page for some of the industry funds supporting those non writer/producers who are in need of emergency help.

Follow this link and check it out.

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