Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Prison Grace

PRISON BREAK continues to surprise and entertain me. I was a bit worried about the whole, “they are out of prison, can they sustain" thing. Not worried any longer, as several other shows have kept up the “on the run” feel for seasons (FUGITIVE or even BATTLESTAR, for examples).

I am, as always, several weeks behind in my viewing. Just saw the ep “The Message,” which borrows a subplot from LES MISERABLE. As the word “faith” has been played with in the show (as well as in HEROES, see tomorrow’s blog), I’m not surprised that such an inspirational book is being referenced.

Of course, man on the run from prison being chased by unflagging forces, well that's got Hugo's thumbprint on it from the get go.

So, Sucre is now on the run in Mexico, trying desperately to get to his girlfriend before she returns to the states. He meets up with an old man, who offers him food and lodging for the night – Sucre accepts, mostly because he plans on stealing the old man’s car.

During dinner, the old man gets Sucre to talk about where he is going. At one point, the old man – not a priest, but certainly a priestly figure, as confirmed with all the candles in the scene -- leans back and sighs. (Conversation translated from the Spanish):

Old Man: “A man living on hope.”

Sucre: “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

Old Man: “Hope if for people who do not already live in grace.”

Interesting, says I.

What is to follow plays straight from the Les Miz handbook, but that didn’t bother me. It was adapted well. I look forward to seeing if Sucre pays the old man back with as much integrity as Val Jean.

So I leave you with this command: “Find your girl. Then find grace.”

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