Monday, February 26, 2007


I know some folk out there read this blog because it gives them insight into the biz called Hollywood. I’m never too sure whether they should be trusting my inside take, as I rarely get this biz right.

I started making a list comparing what I said would win at the Oscars, and what actually happened. Here’s the shocker: This year, all of my predictions were accurate except for Best Animated Feature.

Don’t think I’ve ever been that right before – and this year I didn’t enter any betting pools. Ah well.

The important thing to remember – and the real reason to distrust my opinions on the inside of Hollywood – is that by accurately predicting who will win, I showed the disparity between who did and who I wanted to win…

So maybe I’m getting to understand Hollywood’s taste, without necessarily having the same tastes.

Is that a bad thing?


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