Friday, February 23, 2007

More Oscar Prep

In honor of the Oscars, some quotes from William Goldman, in The Big Picture: Who Killed Hollywood? And Other Essays.

“There is no “Best.” Last year I thought Fargo was the flick. The English Patient took the crown. Doesn’t make me wrong. Doesn’t mean I’m right, either. Last year I thought the most putrescent effort was Twister. (I will never get over the scene in which a cow is flying past and the dumb lady shrink is on her cell phone talking to a patient. Disgraceful.) But I’ll bet there are people who thought that Twister got robbed, that it should have been nominated. Are they wrong? Nope. For all we know, in 50 years there will be doctoral dissertations on such diverse subjects as “Symbolism of the Flying Cow in Fact and Fiction” or “The Behavior of Women in Windstorms.””

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