Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oscar Watch - Sunshine

(Little Miss Spoilers contained below. You've been Little Miss Warned.)

Abigail Breslin is up for an Oscar for her role in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. And worthily so; this tyke is in the scenes that carry the heart of the show.

Olive confessing to her grandpa that she doesn’t feel pretty (a scene that got Alan Arkin his Oscar nod).

Dwayne writing a note to Olive, telling her to hug Mom (he does care!).

And the best moment in the whole film: Olive sent to talk Dwayne into coming back to the van. What does she say? Not a word; rather she puts her arm around him, in support of his needs rather than hers.

What was that I was saying a few blogs ago? Preach the gospel at all times; use words if necessary.

Abigail is a busy little actress, going from SUNSHINE to a movie written by my friend Cheryl McKay, THE ULTIMATE GIFT. (Opening next month at a theatre near you!)

Cheryl even claims to have an early look at “the dance” – as Abigail showed it to her at a wrap party.

Of course, being before the release of SUNSHINE, the dance looked rather precocious, even for an actress so gifted so young.

Maybe we’ll see more of the dance when Abigail steps up there to accept her award…

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janet said...

I totally agree about the lovely moments in Little Miss Sunshine.

You're right about the "Go hug Mom" note. That's exactly how I felt -- He does love her!

But I even more loved that it was a set-up, even though I didn't realize it at the time. It set up the fact that, when Duane was facing the biggest, horriblest disappointment of his life, Olive knew exactly what he needed. And she knew because he'd already told her.

I loved this movie. And I loved Abigail Breslin's performance. If anyone can beat Jennifer Hudson for the Oscar, it could be her.

I do think Jennifer deserves it. But I'd cheer just as loud for Abigail. (And not just because she could be my Sabrina's twin!)

Gaffney said...

I've actually thought of Sabrina playing Abigail's sister.

Let's write a movie and make it so!

And yes -- the set up is deliciously placed.