Monday, February 19, 2007

Fantastical Reading

Are you in the LA area?

Come play with us! Or, more to the point, come hear a play with us.

My opus, THE FANTASTICAL ADVENTURES OF MR. DESTROYER VS. THE CODE, will have a staged reading at the Blank Theatre in Los Angeles on Monday, February 26th.

I have a killer cast, including hot babe Catherine Gaffney.

Joining her, in no particular order, are: Joel McCrary, David Storrs, Julie Mitchell, Jodi Shilling, Kevin Brief, Timothy Horner, and Kimberly Delozier. Directed by Shon Little.

For more information, visit:

- Sean


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Sean:

Congratulations on your opus. Question: is it (a) a book; (b) a film or TV script; (c) a script for an animated feature; or (d) a play?


Gaffney said...

The play that I am inviting y'all to come hear is a play. A pretty funny one at that.