Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006: A Blog Back, Part Two

Here are a few blog highlights from the second half of the year, or 2006 B.


I see a couple of movies that should have been great and weren’t.


The Pirate Dude

And I take time to explain what I want to see at the movies.


I notice a resemblance among cousins with military dads.

And I hit stardom, as my blog flares up to several thousand hits over my take on a classic story.

Cath and I survive camping, as well as a Hawaiian trip, including a volcano and some seriously slow driving.


Cath discovers the power of “may I?”

I post my thoughts post 9/11.

And Cath gets to thinking while in traffic.


I go to Hotlanta and watch movies.


My dad sang I song, and I wrote about it. Part One and Part Two

And I showed a rare side by getting off the couch and jogging.


I got cranky about Christmas.

And I shared some pictures of the next generation.

Just my thoughts,


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