Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Good Night

When my godson, Isaac, was little, his dad was an officer in the United States Navy.

One night, Isaac insisted on kissing daddy before going to sleep. This broke my sister’s heart, as there was no way to kiss daddy – he was far out to sea, and wouldn’t return for weeks. She tried to explain this to her young son.

But Isaac continued to insist, ignoring my sister’s logic about time and space. Isaac would not close his eyes until he went and kissed daddy.

Finally, hoping for divine intervention, Patty told her son that he could go look for daddy himself.

Isaac raced from his bed, went immediately to the chest where the photo of his father in his dress uniform sat, pulled down the frame and kissed it.

He replaced the picture, raced back to bed, and contentedly closed his eyes.

This became the nightly ritual, created by a boy whose love far away, but not too far. A boy that understood the illogic of love and time and space.

But that was a long time ago (the above picture was taken in 1990).

Life has moved forward, and everything is different now. Andy, Isaac’s daddy, is no longer in the military; Isaac is now a man himself, and studying at the Air Force Academy.

The picture below of Isaac’s cousin, Elena, was taken less than a month ago.

Elena’s daddy is an officer in the United States Marine Corps, and is currently serving his tour of duty in Iraq.

Elena would like to kiss her daddy good night, but the logic of time and space…

This is her ritual – pat daddy’s picture.

Life has moved forward, and everything is different now…

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