Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Billion Dollar Baby

The ride up to Arrow Lake for our retreat included a list of questions for the carpoolers to answer in prep for the weekend.

Some questions were scarier than others. For example, as we zoomed around icy corners overlooking sheer cliff drops, we answered the one starting with, “if you were on a trip, and you knew it would be the last trip of your life…”

Others allowed for more introspection, such as, “If you had a billion dollars, how would you spend it.”

That question immediately split the group between Mike Myers/Dr. Evil impersonators (“one billion dollars, bwaa-haa-haa!”) and Bare Naked Ladies wannabes (“If I had a billion dollars, I’d buy you a fur coat, but not a real one that’d be cruel…”)

We quickly decided that a billion was too much for the question. After all, if you had a billion dollars, what wouldn’t you do with it? So we settled for a couple-a-three mill, and each plunked our cash down for some worthy or selfish cause.

I think a more interesting question might have been, would you want a billion dollars?

My Literature and Film class at Biola just read MILLIONS by Frank Cottrell Boyce. Damian, the kid in the book who finds a bag of money, at one point makes this comment:

“And that’s the thing. We thought the money was going to take care of everything but we ended up taking care of the money. We were always worried about it, tucking it in at night, checking up on it. It was like a big baby.”

Just my thoughts,


PS I still wouldn’t turn a billion down…

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Jen said...

Hmmm. Would you turn a million down? Or two? Or ten?

If you got it would you share it?

Maybe with that needy sibling who is struggling to pay the bills, but on the other hand, that needy sibling wasn't as nice growing up as some of the others so maybe you should also give some fun money to those who treated you well. And with so many siblings I guess you could make someone mad if you didn't give them some too, so maybe it's best to give them all an equal sum?

Then of course those siblings all have kids (and college) and maybe one of them would pursue the arts if they weren't worried about making money in the future so your support could allow them to pursue their dreams instead of their profit potential...

And of course speaking of the arts, you have a lot of artist friends who are worthy of a few dollars or so of investment.

Let's not forget the folks at church and the drama group that could use money to pursue the things they'd like to do (we're already assuming you've tithed) and then there is that small group who've stuck by you and suported you...

What about Cath's family? Other worthy causes you belive in? I don't know, even a million seems like a lot of responsibility to me.