Monday, January 01, 2007

2006: A Blog Back, Part One

Starting the new year with a look back at the old. I’ve flipped through this blog, which Cath and I started just about a year ago.

Here are a few of the highlights I found, part one, 2006 A.


Friend Cory’s movie, HOODWINKED comes out – and hits #1! (Until the numbers are confirmed, then we discover it was only #2.)

Network TV tries (and fails) to portray Jesus on prime time.


I’m glad it’s off the air, just not glad about who is taking credit -- and why. So I make a call to boycott boycotting! Part One Part Two Part Three

Elena arrives on the planet.

I explain who put the dash in the gdashd.


I’m attacked for thinking CRASH deserved to win best picture, and not BROKEBACK.

I tried on my wedding tux.


Tristan stops by the planet earth.

Pranks with children help me figure out why I’m a moderate.


Tips on how to handle rejection.

We get our kittens, and immediately start acting like crazy cat people. (“Aren’t we precious? Yes we are, yes we are.”)


My family is dealt a major blow, and I blog for therapy.

The Carpenter

The Viewing.

And the Hat.

And just in time, Kyle Christopher joins the throngs of humanity.

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