Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Waiting It Out...

Catherine and I talk after church.
When the service is over, and others head to the door, we take time to chat with our neighbors.
We seek out friends, and catch up with them.
We find our friend’s kid, Elliot, and chase him around the empty-ish pews.
We take our time.
Why?  Because we are great social beings? Because we feel we need to spend time in community post worship experience?
It’s because we want to avoid the greatest destroyer of good moods, the one thing guaranteed to erase any feelings of good will toward man that may have been arisen during the church service:
The church parking lot.
Jon Acuff over at Stuff Christians Like has come up with some rules for Church Parking Lots.  (#7 is my personal favorite.)

The comments are also worth a gander.  My favorite question from the comments:  “Is it something about having a Jesus fish on your car that makes you a lousy driver?”
There's some value to that theory...
Just my thoughts,

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David Goulet said...

We live across the street from our parish. No parking lot needed.

Putting salt in the wound? Who, me?