Thursday, January 14, 2010

Famous Tweets from History: Roman Edition

Caesar, March 15th:

“Real excited.  Brutus has a surprise for me, and said to meet him at the Senate.  I hope it’s a party, and he brought all my friends.”


David Goulet said...

Okay I want to play too:

Famous Tweets from History: Carthiginian Edition

Hannibal, somewhere in the Alps

"Arrgh. Anyone know how to get the smell of elephant dung out of leather?"

David Goulet said...

One more (this is fun):

Famous Tweets from History: Persian Edition

Xerxes 480 BC

"My invasion of the Greek states is nicely under way, though I did get a little seasick on the way over. We're heading for the pass at Thermopylae where my scouts report the king of Sparta awaits with 300 of his men. lmao. Roadkill!"

Gaffney said...

Love the Carthage edition; but gotta call you out: the Persian edition goes over 140 characters.

David Goulet said...

I'm not an actual Tweeter, didn't know there was a 140 rule. Here's the edited Persian edition then:

"We're heading for Thermopylae where the king of Sparta awaits with 300 men. lmao. Roadkill!"